Anjo 24K Gold Peel Off Pack 100 ml


    Korean Anjo 24K Gold Mask  extracted from 99.9% pure 24k gold dust has the effect of controlling oil, removing dead cells, cleansing the skin, creating elasticity, increasing nourishment and whitening the skin from deep within.

    It helps to improve wrinkles, anti-aging skin and whiten skin.
    Helps to tighten pores
    Tighten and smooth the skin, rejuvenate the skin, anti-aging, make the skin white and smooth naturally.
    It helps to remove acne bran, dead cells, dirt caused by toxic environments.

    How to use:
    Apply an appropriate amount of gel all over the face
    Wait for the gel to dry to form a flexible film
    Use your hands to peel off gently.
    Massage again and then rinse with warm water.

    100 ml

    Shipping process :

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    product expr date 2025

    Made in Korea