Makeheal V-Cera Cover Stick Shrink Fit Beige Contour 16g Highlight K-Beauty


Smart face contouring powder MAKEheal V-Cera Cover Stick 16g Brand: MAKEheal Origin: Korea Contouring is one of the important techniques in the makeup process. The correct contouring step can make your face slimmer and sharper. However, if the contour is not clever, the face will become rough and unnatural. To solve this problem, Korean cosmetics brand Make Heal recently launched a contouring product with a smart design that helps you get a slim, natural face in a blink of an eye. Outstanding features: – V-Cera Cover Stick has a block design divided into 2 separate pastel colors. Two pastel colors include nude color that blends into the skin and a dark color for contouring. In addition, the V-Cera Cover Stick has been designed by the manufacturer to slightly bend into the jawbone. – When using, you just need to align the bending part to the cheekbones and then gently rub it along the downward direction, then use your hands or a brush to lightly blend the powder into the skin, so you have a contour line to make your face slim. Compact yet very natural. The product has a curved design, has been divided into 2 separate light and dark pastel colors. After using, you can clearly see the face becomes slimmer. In addition to using the cheekbone area, you can also use this product to contour the sides of the nose or cheekbones. According to the manufacturer’s introduction, the product’s ingredients are supplemented with vitamin B5, evening primrose oil, argan oil, and sandalwood oil, so the powder is very smooth and has the ability to blend naturally into the skin. Many Korean girls compete to show off their slim, naturally contoured faces after using this product.


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